Great Britain at the National Theatre


“We think so you don’t have to”

           It’s almost hard to see it as a play and not as our dayly life. The stage set itself could hardly be more modern, buzzing with breaking news. The focus is drawn to Paige Britain’s harsh and dark humor from the very beginning. Laughters raise throughout the entire play, making you feel as light as a feather, giggling at the Ô so british sarcasm of the characters, or at their ridiculous behavior.

           However, you might soon find yourself blushing as Britain’s tabloïd exposes your demand for scandal. « We go out and destroy other people’s lives on your behalf » as they put it. Here, the truth doesn’t mater anymore. The Story, with a capital « S » does. And suddenly the Queen is… Well, spoilers. I’ll let you find that out. 


           Corruption is the mighty spider that made it’s web into every layer of the british system. Journalists conspire with politicians, policemen find themselves breaking the law to get their own moment of glory. And internet soon gets the best out of the absurd.

            The cast plays brilliantly, the satire is well written and Billie Piper makes a devilishly brilliant News Editor who would almost make you forget about the lives she’s ripping apart. Almost…

            While the play might be a bit long, three hours isn’t nothing after all, it is definitely a great way to enjoy your Saturday, or any other evening, for that matter. You have until August the 23rd!

Lots of love! Xx

Alixia Buffiere.


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