Watching Chef at Everyman Cinema.

“I get to touch people’s life with what I do. And I love it.”

When you walk into @Everymancinema in Belsize Park, you walk into a delicious cocktail of charm, elegance, and cosiness.You pick a drink (a very nice glass of Merlot for me, but that’s just personal taste) and you sit down in one of the marvelous armchairs of the room, with pillows everywhere, making you feel like you’re at home, curled up on your couch. And if you add a great movie, it just becomes heaven on Earth. As it turned out, #Chef is more than great. It’s funny, beautiful, and it fills you with joy and tenderness. It also makes you want to run to the nearest restaurant and eat everything on the menu.

As @Jon_Favreau’s character evolves, he takes us through his journey across the United States, painting the portrait of this touching Chef de cuisine with humor and genius. Every line is a blast, and every meal makes you hungrier and hungrier. From Miami to New Orleans, there isn’t one second where you want to leave “El Jefe”‘s truck behind. You just sit back, and enjoy the complicity of the characters. Their joys, and their sorrows.

It feels like real life. This extra-busy/stressed dad always at work, recently divorced, who barely knows his son anymore, and who learns at his expense how Twitter and the social networks can be just as much a curse as a blessing. The whole story sets in reality. In this world where the slightest thing can go viral. A world where internet rules us and the way we experience life. A world that our kids learn to master sooner and sooner. And it’s indeed “El Jefe”‘s son, played by the young @EmjayAnthony (And yes, this little guy managed to get my eyes a bit wet. Just a tiny bit. Hum… Congratulations kido), who saves the day.

All in all, #Chef is the movie that will brighten your day, remind you of what love really is and make you laugh out loud (no matter how much you might be trying to refrain yourself). It fully deserves all the success that it’s already been getting. Brilliantly played and orchestrated by the entire team. Not only do I recommend you to go see it, but I’m already thinking of going back to watch it again.

Lots of love ! Xx

Alixia Buffiere.


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