Urinetown, the musical.

A bad title, that could kill a show pretty good…

But not Urinetown. I have seen the show twice, and twice I got out of the theatre with an indelible smile on my face. Not that the theme itself is particularly happy.

Capture d’écran 2014-11-29 à 16.23.05

Water shortage. People having to save every single penny for the right to pee. And a handful of disgustingly rich men and women exploiting the rest of the world. Not exactly a world anyone would want to live in. Quite far from the american dream. And yet the end always comes too quickly.

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It starts with the narrator, Officer Lockstock (Jonathan Slinger) and Little Sally (Karis Jack). The two of them create a great connexion with the audience, with a magnetism and a humor that immediately draws everyone’s attention. Welcome to Urinetown, The Musical!

“It’s kind of a mythical place, you understand. A bad place. A place you won’t see until Act Two.”

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And we are dragged into the world of Bobby Strong and Hope Cladwell. Helplessly in love, ready to change the world. Ready to listen to their hearts. dancing and singing all along. And these songs… The lyrics themselves will crack you up. But if that’s not enough, rest assured the candid interpretation, as if some disney fairy tail had just turned incredibly wrong, and all the small hilarious details will. The range of expressions expressed by the actors are to die for. The entire show is a brilliant caricature, an anti-musical definitely worth saving your pennies for.

Capture d’écran 2014-11-29 à 16.22.51

Warning : You will be unable to refrain from singing things like “Don’t be the bunny” for a couple of days after seeing the show. I recommend that you stay away from work and important people until the side effects wear off a bit.

  Alixia Buffiere.


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