After Earth, a pleasant surprise.

           On my way to see After Earth, i must admit i had my doubts, and prejudices. Another futurist movie with a pseudo-post-apocaliptic senario. Just a way to show us how being Will Smith’s son might come in handy, what with having a role in a super-production with Daddy without doing anything and all that…

However, i had to change my mind, and recognize that the young Jaden Smith definitely inherited of the acting talent of his father. The fear and distress he showed were utterly convincing and, to me, he was perfect for the role. And the chemistry between him and his father was obvious.

The special effects were also rather successful and impressive, and i didn’t miss the lack of 3D.

Of course, there was close to no suspense as to how the movie would end, but the emotion driven by the young boy’s journey to survive eases our eventual thirst for twisted senarios.

All in all, I recommend to go see this movie in the theatres, where the large screens will increase all your feelings like no simple TV could do. I had a great time, and whereas it be with your family, or with your friends, i have no doubts that you will too !!




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