Time Tourism


               Once upon a time… What? What would you like to see? A dinosaur that would not be jailed in Jurrassic Park? The Big Bang? Henry V trying to conquer France? Shakespeare writing Coriolanus? A Beatles concert? Or maybe the end of the world, Doctor Who style? Would you rather see the future, or the past? So many options. Whenever i think about it, i get an overwhelming feeling of both excitment and despair (knowing that it can only be a dream). I would like to witness so many things. The World War II, the reign of Louis XIV, the dinosaurs extinction. And so many of my question will remain unanswered. Will we ever travel to another galaxy? How long will the human survive? Will some of my stuff be exposed in a futurist museum thousands of years from now (how cool would that be?!) with some very futurist looking people wondering what i used them for?

Yes, to me, Time tourism would be the travel nectar. There should be the option to be able to stay invisible of course. We wouldn’t want to stay stucked in a goulag on a misunderstanding… And some strict rules about how to interact with all the people from these other times. But it would be the most extraordinary experience!

And you? What would you like to see?


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